Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Lips: Will you go Nude or Colourful?

Summer is (supposedly) here! Whilst I'm sure many of you are changing up your everyday make-up routine to include tinted moisturisers instead of foundations and brightly coloured eyes in favour of dreary nudes, there's a question that I would love to debate. What colour shall I wear on my lips?

Shy Girl by Mac

Whilst I tend to favour a gorgeous nude shade for everyday looks, I feel that they may not necessarily uplift my face and bring out the radiance. However, for those of you that are starting to experiment with colour on the eyes and cheeks, a nude lip will be your best friend in this aspect as it will balance your face and not overdo it. My go to nude is Shy Girl by Mac. A gorgeous peachy beige that shines with moisture and gives my lips some serious sex appeal. I wear it constantly, even when I'm not wearing make-up, it will be a staple on my face. 
Poppy by Stila
But Summer is about colour! The flowers have bloomed and the sun is out, up the radiance and add colour to your face! A flash of colour is brilliant for that awake feel and gives you that girly festival-esque look. Some people may think that nothing can beat just adding a pop of colour to the lips, no matter what you are wearing elsewhere on your face, however what if you are going bright on the eyelids? A contrasting lip colour could make or break a look and do you trust yourself that much to be the judge of that? I know I certainly don't have the confidence when it comes to colour sometimes and would just go with the safe option and balance my face with neutral eyes if I felt like a flashy lip.  I tend to wear bright lipsticks on nights out more often, however my favourite day time colour would have to be Stila's Convertible Colour in Poppy.  A creamy product that is great for both lips and cheeks and brilliant to just add that hint of red.
So whilst I'm still arguing with myself over what lip colour to choose today (it's 7pm now and I still can't make up my mind), I ask you guys what you think is best? Have a play around with colour this Summer, or just stick to what you know nude? 

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