Friday, 20 July 2012

Accessorize Lovely Day Palette

I'm going to be honest with you. After years of loving cheap, highstreet makeup and keeping an eye out for the best deals, this palette is my first dabble with Accessorize cosmetics. Although, they have been available for a few years now, it is only recently that the collection has caught my eye due to a massive re brand. The packaging is still cute and sweet, yet doesn't allow a woman to feel embarrassed when picking it out of their bag for a touch up. 

Recently, Accessorize took a big step up in the world of cosmetics and beauty by releasing their very own 32 shade palettes. Such a thing is unheard of in the high street with many palettes accommodating anything between 3 and 15 shades, whilst coastal scents offers their legendary 88 palette. But what if you want a good colour selection without the hefty price tag? That's where Accessorize step in. They've created two 32 palettes boasting gorgeous shimmer and matte shades. The first one, 'You are my everything', has just that, a bit of everything. Shades that are warm, cool, bright and nude, however out of the two it is the bolder palette. The rightly named 'Lovely Day' is the one I picked up from Superdrug and has a gorgeous array of muted colours from a shimmery black to a matte cream.  

For a palette that has such a choice of colours, it is actually a reasonable size and small enough to take on the go. The pans that house the eyeshadows are slightly smaller than your run-of-the-mill eyeshadow, yet easy enough to get the standard eyeshadow brush in. The packaging is wrapped up in an olive-green leopard print along with bright pink roses, something that is fitting with the name of said item. A thin mirror is encased inside that is the perfect size for observing the eye area and a piece of elasticated material holds this palette together. 

The colours are neatly arranged in eight rows, each row of shades complimenting each other. From your darks, to your nudes, to your greens, to your purples and your golds, many different looks can be made. I find the shimmery shades to be incredibly pigmented and very easy to blend, they have a slightly frosty undertone which I dig as well! The matte shades are slightly hit and miss. I did find some of them to be slightly chalky and needed some extra TLC to apply correctly.  

But how can I complain when this palette is under a tenner!? I haven't suffered from any fall out from the shadows when applied and, with the use of an eye primer, feel confident the colours will last most of the day. 

Accessorize Lovely Day palette is available at selected Superdrug and Accessorize shops at the price of...wait for it...£8.95! A perfect palette for those on the go!

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